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Demolition & drainage

We demolish and haul away old patios,plants and trees to make way for the new. We can excavate for retaining walls, ponds and pools, and grade to the specifications of a civil engineer. All materials are taken to an appropriate landfill or are recycled.


This category includes all the exterior building done with concrete, brick, tile, boulders, blocks, etc. It includes elements like patios, driveways, planters, walkways, retaining walls, dry and mortared rock walls, decorative walls and floors. There are many possibilities for interesting hardscape designs and technique to fit any budget.

Site preparation

Turning this phase the site is prepared for planting by rototilling existing soil, importing fresh soil,adding amendments, if needed, and finally smoothing out the planting area.


Planting begins once the soil is ready. Everything from ground covers,sod, to tall trees are expertly planted and staked as needed. West Valley Landscapes can transplant or move trees as well as hydro-seed large areas and hillsides. We always mulch. It protects the root zones of plants and moderates soil tempatures. Mulch makes weeding easier because any weeds that pop up will usually root in the mulch not the soil.

wooden structure

Redwood, Cedar, oressure treated Douglas Fir can all be used for wooden lanscape structures. These elements include shade arbors, freestanding and wall mounted trellises, decks, childrens play stuctures, walls screens, fences and gates.

Landscape lighting

Low voltage lighting has important functions in the outdoor enviroment.It aids in security. Steps and walks can be made easy to negotiate at night by sing appropriate fixtures in the right places. Intruders are deterred by the light. The outdoors becomes added living space on warm nights and you can create a dramatic center of interest at night to be enjoyed from the patio or inside the house on a chilly night.

Water features

Water features add a whole other dimension to a garden. A water feature can be as small pre-cast concrete fountain, a koi pond for thirty fish or a hot tub on a flagstone deck surrounded bye palms! All add the soothing quality of water and that felling of completeness to the landscape.We have built stonewalls with spillways that sheet water down the face of the stone. These take up little space. We've also inset the rocks of a pond right into the edge of a patio. The possibilities are endless.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls can help us shape, organize, and control the topography that all other aspects of the Landscape Design will build upon. We use retaining walls to control erosion, creat level and usable areas on a slope, or to creat a topography in a flat area. When incorporated into a well thought-out design they can add flow to a landscape,helping to guide the guest to a front door, backyard patio, or a ponds edge. The structrual demands of the wall and the overall theme of the Landscape Design will help to decide the materials that should be used for a wall. West Valley Landscapes has been a leading retaining wall installer in the Salem area since we began in 1996. We have used this experience to offer a broad range of special design features such as staircasses, terraces, and natural curving lines. A wall may be intergrated into a cascading waterfall or run along the waters edge of a rippling pond. Many of our designs will include retaining walls to define a patio area or elevate planting beds.

Retaining wall sevices include:

1.Excavation and grading

2.Modular block, stone and timber retaining walls

3.Slope stabilization & erosion control

Patios, pathwalls & stairs

Desing features

A patio creates a space for outdoor living. It may be an area next to your back door used for entertaining a guest and grilling or a secluded corner of your property used for quiet reflection. The intended use of the patio and how it will fit into the overall landscape design will help to determine the size, shape, and material of a patio. It is important to create a harmony within the landscape, in wich each feature flows into the next and the patio is no exception. This is why each patio we build is a unique creation, often involving many detailed cuts and patterns.

Materials and Products

The materials to choose from are nearly limitless. Our landscape designers will work with you to choose a material that matches the overall design , whether it is a natural wooded glen or a formal garden. The use of the patio and anticipated traffic demands must also be considred. The experienced crews at West Valley Landscapes are used to using a variety of products and materials to meet the needs of our customers. We have used stones hand selected by a homeowner.


Walkways and pathways are very similar to driveways. In order to correctly design and install walkways you need to make certain that the ground is correctly graded and that any potential for water runoff or erosion is taken into consideration. Our team is well experienced in the installation of walkways and pathways and works closely woth our customers to correctly choose the best materials to meet their needs. Blending naturally intp the surrounding environment; our design philosophy has always been to work to incorporate the walkway seamlessly with the landscape while using natural materials whenever possible. If your walkway will be used at night consider adding a low voltage lighting to enhance visibility and compliment the surrounding flowerbeds and landscape. West Valley Landscapes uses and assortment of different man-made and natural stone materials in building walkways and pathways.


When planning your landscape project, make certain you don't overlook potential drainage issues. The one area that is most often overlooked by local landscaping companies is drainage. The last thing you want to deal with after making an retaining wall or water feature is encountering a problem with standing water or various forms of flooding. Adding a retaining wall and choosing the correct materials for the wall can be an important component to consider for water management. Making certain you support the earth is a critical element to protect the loss of your new landscape. We have extensive experience in the installation of channel drains, French drains, catch basins and dry creeks. We study the landscape thoroughly before beginning the installation of your new rataining wall, hardscape patio, plant garden or other addition and install the correct safeguards to make certain your investment is protected and not "washed away". We have design and installation experience in various elemenets of drainage and landscape soil management including:

1. eroison control

2. proper plant installation for Drainage & Eroison Control

3. Stream Rocks

4. Dry Creek Beds

5. Sand and Soil Mix

6. Catch Basins